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To use SharePoint Services Site Top Navigation DSL with Visual Studio 2008

1. Download the runtime binary zip file from the latest releases

2. Extract and run the windows installer from rhe runtime binary zip file.

3. Start Visual Studio 2008, create new project or load existing project

4. Right click the project name and select menu "Add | New Item ..."

5. Select SharePointTopNavDSL


6. Dismiss the security warning.


7. In the property window, enter the SharePoint site URL


8. Create navigation links by dragging link tool from toolbox to the graphical designer

9. Connect the navigation links by using the LinkRelationship tool

10. Edit navigation links' properties such as title and url in the property window

11. Save the design, a PowerShell script will be generated automatically

12. Run the PowerShell script on the SharePoint server to generate the site navigation
  • PowerShell needs to be installed on the SharePoint server first.
  • You also need to modify the master page to have the SharePoint site support multiple level of dropdown menu, if have not done so.

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Madnik7 Oct 31, 2008 at 10:58 PM 
When you save the design, a PS1 file will be generate automatically. you need to visit the following link to know how to run it with powershell