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Project Description

This project is to develop a DSL tool that models top navigation of SharePoint Services sites and a code generator that generates PowerShell scripts. The scripts can be used to create the top navigation on SharePoint Services sites.

What's new?

1.2.1 Release
This release fixed package load error in visual studio integrated mode.

To use with Visual Studio 2008, run the MSI (requires elevated command prompt under Vista and administrator on XP/2003).

To compile this DSL tool source code, you need the following software installed.
Visual Studio 2008 (professional or Team Edition) and Visual Studio 2008 SDK

How does it work?

The following picture shows the top navigation on a sample SharePoint Services site.


By default WSS site only displays one level of menu. But it can be changed. See modify the master page.

Top Navigation Model in DSL Tool
The top navigation above is modeled in the DSL tool.

  1. Navigation links are designed using graphical designer
  2. Add navigation links from the toolbar and connect them using the LinkRelationship tool
  3. Edit navigation links' properties such as title and url in the property window
  4. A PowerShell script will be generated automatically when the diagram saves

Run the PowerShell on SharePoint Services Server
The DSL tool generates a PowerShell script that developers/administrators can run to create the top navigation on the SharePoint sites.
(PowerShell should be installed on server that runs SharePoint Services).

How to use this tool?

Roadmap / Iteration plan

  1. Iteration 0: Proof of concept
    1. Spike: Use PowerShell with SharePoint Object Model - COMPLETED
    2. Spike: Create DSL project - COMPLETED
    3. Spike: Create PowerShell code generator - COMPLETED
  2. Iteration 1: Develop the DSL tool
    1. Integrate code generator - COMPLETED (1.0.0)
    2. Generat the script according to the links' position in diagram - COMPLETED
    3. Create visual studio 2008 Shell (integrated mode) - COMPLETED 1.2.1 Release
  3. Iteration 2: Generate DSL from exisitng SharePoint site
    1. Generate DSL from exisitng SharePoint site <-- We are here
    2. Create visual studio 2008 Shell (isolated mode)
  4. Iteration 3: DSL for other SharePoint Quick Launch Navigation

Help wanted

This project is open. Developers who are interesting in SharePoint developement using DSL tool, welcome to join the project.
Or help answer development related questions.


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